Fira Collection

Perfectly smooth and strong. Our firing process produces top-quality sinks that are simply beautiful to behold. With their integrated accessory ledge, the Fira sinks are true workstations whose undeniable functionality is only equalled by the refinement of the accessory line that complements them.

Versatile Design

One sink, two styles

With the Fira single bowl kitchen sinks with ledge, changing style is always an option since two apron front designs are available on the same product. On one side, a flat apron for a clean look that blends easily. On the other side, a Shaker style apron with 2" wide frame, a timeless classic.

Optimal drainage. Precision and stability apply to every facet of the Fira sinks, including the bottom. Its slope was engineered to optimize water flow during drainage and avoid residues in your sink. The offset drain position while improving drainage also allows for more usable cabinet space.

One sink, two configurations

The Fira double bowl sink with ledge offers you two different configurations. On one side a flat apron with a right large bowl and on the other side a flat apron with a left large bowl. With its low divider, you can slide most of the Fira accessories.

Inspired by the J7 stainless steel sink collection, the Fira sinks have tight internal radius that enhance their contemporary esthetics while also making them easy to clean.

Thin walls, tight radius and 10" deep bowl, are all characteristics that have been thoughtfully incorporated into the Fira sinks to maximize your workspace.

One sink, two ways

The Fira bar sink with ledge is the perfect add to your kitchen. Two configuration options are possible. You can either install it vertically or horizontally depending on the space you have. Every bar sink comes with a 6’’ walnut cutting board.

Designed to Work Together

Get more out of your sink

The accessories especially designed for the Fira collection are essential to turn your sink into a functional workstation. The combination of stainless steel and black American walnut creates an audacious contrast with the lustrous white glaze of the fireclay sinks. There are so many ways of complementing your Home Refinements sink. Drains, grids, colanders, cutting boards, to name just a few. All of them look great, and work like a dream. All accessories can now be used on every sink. Here are our most popular alies:

Going Straight to the Source

Only the finest materials are selected and carefully mixed to produce the Fira sinks. The rigorous process which each sink undergoes ensures its dimensional stability and a perfectly smooth, non-porous finish. The firing process not only makes the surface impervious to dirt, it also fuses the materials together leading to higher impact and scratch resistance.

1.Mix the ingredients

The minerals extracted from various regions are expertly mixed to create the slip which is then directed towards the molds.

3. Apply the final touch

Time to smooth out the edges and make sure the surface is ready for glazing. Each sink is inspected and finished by hand before being covered with glaze. At this point, the glaze is in the form of a very fine powder.

4. Fire it up

The firing is the point at which everything is fused to create an exceptional result. The sinks are carried across a 230ft long tunnel kiln for a 24h period. Towards the middle of the travel, temperatures reach up to 2200°F. During the firing process, the glaze is liquefied and hardened to become the non-porous, lustrous surface so distinctive to fireclay sinks.