Heritage Collection

75-year strong know-how

Heritage is the sum of our flagships collections that built our reputation and history. Classic model was created for the professional kitchens, thanks to its rounded corners (29 mm) that are now the reference in the catering industry. Then comes the UrbanEdge sinks, perfect for a modern and minimalist décor with its sleek, right angles. Heritage is completed by the J7 sink models, a perfect combination of our classic models with slightly rounded corners of 7 mm for an easy-to-clean, yet effortless contemporary look.


The Heritage Collection ranges are defined by the corner radius of the sink. Classic sinks of 29 mm corners are the go-to of professional chefs, now well-renowned in the industry. Design lovers tend to fall for the straight and clean lines of the UrbanEdge sinks, presented with square corners. The J7 model offers the perfect balance between great design and functionality, thanks to its slight rounded corners of 7 mm.

Tried and True

The sink of choice for a professional kitchen, the Classic range is exactly that. Perfectly rounded corners that are a breeze to clean and a simple, thoughtful design that blends seamlessly with any kitchen worthy of the greatest chef.

All the right angles

The UrbanEdge look is unmistakeable. Sleek, straight lines and perfectly right angles: the UrbanEdge range is timeless. It fits beautifully any modern, minimalist décor, while maximizing bowl space.

Effortless Beauty

Just round enough to make cleaning a breeze while still maintaining contemporary lines, the J7 sink range achieves a perfect balance or form and function.


With the À la Carte options, you can transform any Heritage kitchen sink into a one-of-a-kind, ultra-functional workstation.

This exclusive concept lets you personalize a sink with the options listed in this section. Getting the sink, you want is easy. Just select a kitchen sink from our stainless steel sink Heritage collection and choose one or more options to customize it with functionalities you wouldn’t find in a standard basin. Plus, our customized À la Carte sinks are certified CSA.



With our online configuration tool, bring your dream to life in just a few clicks.

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