Indoor Living

Custom Stainless Steel

With Home Refinements, you can set your imagination free. Through our Signature concept, we can make a wide range of custom stainless steel items for you. Hand-crafted in our workshops, these products perfectly match your style and needs.

Signature Sinks

We design custom sinks for chefs with unique requirements, including original shapes, more than two bowls, non-standard dimensions, engraving and more. Looking for that special one-of-a-kind creation to complement your new kitchen?

Signature Countertops

Stainless steel is a preferred material for kitchen island counters. It has strong antibacterial properties, making it a very hygienic surface. What’s more, hot pots can be placed on it without any risk. And all it takes is a little polishing to make it look brand new again. Thinking about adding a stainless steel counter to your kitchen?

Signature Modules

By integrating a stainless steel module into your kitchen layout, you can enjoy a work surface inspired by top chefs. Custom-designed to your specifications, this unique item will fit perfectly with your décor.

Signature Full Kitchens

The professional-style kitchens put stainless steel in the foreground. Ease of maintenance and great anti-corrosion properties make this material a perfect fit for large restaurants and home kitchens alike. It can be fully integrated, from countertops to cabinet panels, drawers and, of course, the sink. Want a professional stainless steel look for your next kitchen?

Other Signature Items

Stainless steel can be shaped into myriad forms for use in a host of applications. Our products include range hoods, shelving, kickplates, mantelpieces, railings, and many other items. Set your imagination free and design your own Signature item.