Essence Collection

ESSENCE outdoor kitchens were born out of a desire to focus on the simple pleasure of cooking. We wondered: what makes up the heart of the kitchen? Our answer: To keep only the essential components and create modules with a clean design. The result is a simple and enjoyable experience that gives you the space you need to devote yourself to your culinary creations.

A thoughful concept

More than 20 cabinets and modules are available for countless configurations to meet your different needs. Back your outdoor kitchen to a wall or fence or opt for an “L” or galley configuration. Since finishing is ensured on all sides, the module back is as elegant as the front.

Simplifed Installation

We combined design and engineering to optimize the construction of the freestanding cabinets. They are delivered to you fully assembled. Installation is quick and easy, on a concrete slab or an existing wood deck.

Attention to detail

Details make all the difference. That’s the case with ESSENCE cabinets, which all come with adjustable legs for even more flexibility. The shock-absorbing drawer hardware ensures smooth handling, and the sliding tank base is as convenient as it is easy to access.