Distinction Collection

We believe your personality should shine through your entire home, even outdoors. That’s why we put so much effort into designing the perfect outdoor kitchen. With so many modular cabinets, options and accessories offered with DISTINCTION, you can design a kitchen tailored to your lifestyle. Enhance mealtimes and memories with loved ones. Spend more quality time outside.

Unparalleled Refinement

Choosing DISTINCTION outdoor kitchens is to experience the ultimate sophistication. You will be instantly charmed by its gorgeous design and its unique yet distinguished character. Select the LINE door model for its straight lines and clean look, or go for the slim and delicate handles of the PURE door model.

A World of Possibilities

Our modular approach offers many ways to build the perfect kitchen tailored to your outdoor living space. The collection is declined in self-standing cabinets and built-in inserts of multiple dimensions, requirements and needs, for a maximum of flexibility of your outdoor kitchen layout. Find your perfect balance between functionnality, ambience and personality among the countless options.

Impervious to Humidity

Stainless Steel is our go-to material; not only is it beautiful, it is impervious to humidity, saline environment and the harsh rays of the sun. DISTINCTION outdoor kitchen cabinets are equipped with weather resistant rubber seals to encounter any of Mother Nature hazards.

Having options is a wonderful feeling, especially when the result is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the reason for our modular approach, which offers several sets to build a perfect outdoor kitchen. From cleaning station prep stations to lighting, you can design a layout that suits your space and the way you cook.


The LINE range features elegant facades with fully integrated handles. It offers a refined and distinguished look to your outdoor kitchen with its straight lines and will make your guests dream. HOME REFINEMENTS outdoor kitchens offer a variety of modules with various functionalities. The comfort of an indoor kitchen on your terrace.


The elegance and finesse of the outdoor kitchen cabinets from the PURE range are matched only by its functionality. The versatile modules can be arranged according to your requirements and habits. The uniform and refined door panels are complemented with a delicate handle that ensures easy handling in the most hectic moments. Your outdoor kitchen can even be improved in time by the simplified addition of specialized modules.


Add colour to your canvas with Home Refinements' outdoor kitchen products. With so many modular options and accessories, you can design a kitchen tailored to your lifestyle. Add even more functionality to your backyard. Enhance mealtimes and memories with loved ones. Spend more quality time outside. Create a lavish oasis that immerses you in a sense of well-being.

Grade 316Grade 316

When located in a coastal area, it is essential to increase the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel used in the construction of the cabinets. The 316L grade is much more resistant to corrosion when used in a saline environment or in the presence of chemicals.

Back PanelBack Panel

The back panel is an aesthetic panel installed behind a cabinet. This closes the back area meant for the plumbing and electricity passage in a smooth and continuous surface.

Bottom LightingBottom Lighting

The atmosphere in which your kitchen will bathe will be greatly influenced by the lighting you use. Home Refinements offers you the possibility of installing it directly on the cabinet . By choosing this option, an LED system encapsulated in an extrusion will be positioned in the bottom of the selected cabinets.


This discreet lock will allow you to secure the contents of your cabinets and protect the cabinets during high winds. This extra security will also prevent animals from taking refuge in the cabinets.

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