Fireclay sinks

What is a fireclay sink?

Fireclay is a liquid ceramic molded under high pressure. After several hours of drying in a controlled environment, the mold is opened, and the sink is manually perfected to reveal what will soon become a fully functional product.

After being covered with glaze, it then goes through a 24-hour firing process that reaches up to 2200 °F. During the firing process, the glaze is liquefied and hardened to become the non-porous, lustrous surface so distinctive to fireclay sinks.

Can a garbage disposal be installed on a fireclay sink?

Yes, but since fireclay is a very rigid material that does not absorb vibrations, there are precautions to take.

The sink must be properly installed following our instructions. The sink must be adequately supported underneath to prevent any breakage. A poorly installed sink may crack because of the vibrations from the garburator.

The garburator must also be installed properly. It is the rubber gasket placed under the sink that will absorb the shocks and vibrations, therefore, it is important not to overtighten it during installation, the garburator must be able to move when it is in operation. It is also important to validate the compatibility of your garbage disposal with the thickness of our sinks. The manufacturer of your disposal may recommend an extended flange or the addition of a thicker gasket in the case of an installation on a thick fireclay sink.