Essence Collection Outdoor Kitchens

July 19, 2021

In addition to creating a luxurious, friendly and functional outdoor space, adding an outdoor kitchen allows you to make the most of summer and spend quality time with friends and family while cooking and sharing memorable moments.

Essence Collection turnkey solutions

The great thing about the Essence line is that absolutely everything is included and customized to meet your space and lifestyle needs. For example, no matter which set you select, a granite countertop and a waste/recycling drawer are included (other inclusions depend on the set you choose).


Food lovers will be pleased with the outdoor kitchen sets as they include a high performance gas barbecue, a charcoal barbecue and a refrigerator. Depending on the space you have to accommodate your kitchen, we offer single or double cooking sets.

For single cooking sets, you can choose from 5 sets that include a Kamado Joe Classic II charcoal grill or 7 sets that include a Coyote propane grill.

For double cooking sets, you can choose from 4 sets that include a Kamado Joe Classic II charcoal grill and Coyote propane gas grill.

No matter which cooking mode you choose, you can add an outdoor refrigerator, sink, storage unit and much more!


Our designers have thought of absolutely everything to make Essence outdoor kitchens not only beautiful, but practical.

The granite countertop, included in all sets, allows for maximum workspace and strength.

Utensils, dishes, wine bowls, waste and recycling bins, charcoal bag storage, tank holder... everything has been carefully thought out to meet your every need.

The modules

We have created complete sets to make buying a breeze, but everything is modular so you can add individual modules to suit the configuration of your kitchen. Our single modules are also ideal when you have your own BBQ and simply want to optimize your space.

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Practical and high-quality accessories

Home Refinements also offers several accessories that are easy to integrate into your new outdoor kitchen and will make your life easier when preparing meals with friends and family. In addition to those already included in the kits, we offer multi-functional storage trays, knife blocks, a cutting board, a plate rack and much more!


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