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The SmartStation sink gives cooks the chance to flex their creative muscle. With the ultimate accessories selection, sliding from side to side of the bowl on two levels, it centralizes all prepping and cleaning tasks leading to great culinary feasts. A grid, as well as a colander, a cutting board and a drying rack available in dark walnut or golden maple wood essences are included with the sink. With 30 other coordinated accessories that can be added to the sink, the SmartStation offers the utmost opportunity to elevate your kitchen efficiency. And your cooking pleasure at the same time…

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Multi-functional ledges

Thanks to its unique design, the SmartStation sink allows accessories to crisscross, combine and overlap on two levels, according to your needs. The first one, located right on the countertop, is the perfect place to prepare the ingredients for your recipes at a comfortable height with a cutting board or a tray. The mid-basin ledge, thanks to its strategic position midway between the top and bottom of the bowl, is the designated place to concentrate overflowing and splashing activities without showering the counter. The drying rack laying on this level is ideal for rinsing and draining foods and cooking instruments.

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À la Carte SmartStation

SmartStation is the first and only special collection sink designed to accommodate some of the À la Carte options. You can make a sink even more functional by adding one or more options described below:


Built-in drainboard

Perfect for drying the dishes without cluttering your counter or for washing and prepping ingredients, the integrated drainboard frees up extra working space.


Position of the drain(s)

By moving the position of the drain, you can adjust the storage space under the sink area and the flat surface available at the bottom of the bowl.

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Built-in drawer

Brushes, cleaning pads, and other cleaning supplies have a new place to hide: a clever built-in sink drawer.

Design your own À la Carte SmarStation sink with the online configurator.

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Irreplaceable tools

Thanks to their nature, their form and their function, some day-to-day objects instinctively carve out a place of choice among our favorites. We have identified the four essential accessories to have near, or even better on or in the sink, and have included them in the SmartStation offer.



As it covers effectively the entire sink bottom surface, using a Home Refinements custom-made grid is the best way to protect the stainless steel finish. Thanks to the grid’s tightly spaced rods, the cutlery struggles to make its way to the sink, which protects the stainless steel surface. Moreover, its feet also act as bumpers, preventing scratches.

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Cutting board

Although it can also be used on the countertop, the Home Refinements cutting board has been designed to fit over the sink and create an additional work surface. This placement makes it safer to use, as the counter-edges keep it in place, preventing the board from slipping or moving during food cutting.


Drying rack

The drying rack is appreciated for its versatility. It allows its user to fulfill different tasks simultaneously, such as rinsing food or drying recently washed articles. It also provides extra space ideal to put down a hot pot, allow a cooking plate to cool down, or simply keep cooking tools on hand.

Support de séchage


Holding both a colander and a heavy pot to drain its boiling content at the sink is a tricky challenge. Thanks to its strong handles, allowing it to firmly lay over the sink, the Home Refinements colander provides greater freedom of movement for its user. It is also a more hygienic way to drain foods as the walls and the bottom of the colander never touch the surface of the sink.

Precious wood essences

At the crossroad between craftsmanship and design, each Home Refinements cutting board and wooden handle is hand-made by a Quebec artisan. Their warm black walnut or gold maple shades reveal their entire beauty once paired with the stainless steel sobriety.

Précieuses essences

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