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Plan your outdoor kitchen

Design & configure

In order to help you create the outdoor kitchen that suits your space and your personality, we put at your disposal planning forms. By selecting the desired configuration first, you can make your choice of cabinets and their options as well as the transition and finishing modules.

For optimal use of Planning and Ordering Form, it is recommended that you use your Acrobat desktop application instead of the tool available in your Browser.

L Shape

The L-Shape configuration is ideal for creating an efficient workspace. This arrangement provides great work and traffic flow through the kitchen, allowing several cooks to work together and others to cross the kitchen without getting in the way.

Form L-Layout EN-USD  
Form L-Layout EN-CAD  

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Linear Shape

A single wall layout is the ideal way to maximize a small space or to facilitate access to the work area. It increases the efficiency between the kitchen, the dining and the living areas.

Form Linear-Layout EN-USD  
Form Linear-Layout EN-CAD  

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U Shape

The U-shaped kitchen design divides the action on 3 sides of the space. This design focuses on storage space and increased work surfaces. Everything is at your fingertips, making it a wise choice if you want a functional space and great freedom of movement

Form U-Layout EN-USD  
Form U-Layout EN-CAD  

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Galley Shape

A galley kitchen design is defined by two sections of cabinets placed facing each other. This layout optimizes the working triangle, storage space and work surfaces.

Form galley-Layout EN-USD  
Form galley-Layout EN-CAD  

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The 3D Files

All 3D files - Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets | PURE

PURE Modules
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