SmartStation accessories

SmartStation accessories

From sink to workstation

The SmartStation accessories have been designed to maximize the way you use your sink. By hanging over the bowl, they facilitate food preparation and create additional workspace. And their versatility allows them to be used with every undermount or topmount Home Refinements stainless steel sinks. Discover these accessories with unsuspected features.


Rinse or strain food efficiently and hygienically.

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SmartStation Colanders

Cutting boards

Kitchen essentials, they offer a safe and stable surface to prepare food. They can also be used on both sides, as the first one is completely flat and the other has a perimeter well.

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SmartStation Cutting boards

Drying racks

Useful to dry recently washed kitchen items or to fill a large saucepan, directly under the faucet.

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SmartStation Drying racks


Ideal to let items soak without having to clutter and condemn one of the bowls in your sink. Overlay a colander on it to keep food submerged in water during thawing.

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SmartStation Bins


Free up your cutting board quickly by sliding food directly in the adjacent tray.

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SmartStation trays